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Mahtab Firouzabadi

Mahtab Firouzabadi is a North Vancouver-based artist of Iranian descent.Completing her high school degree in Germany, she returned to Iran and pursued her passion in both art and language, completing her Bachelors in art and Masters in Art—with a focus in German literature—at the Iranian Azad University. She also continued her studies in Fine Arts in Vancouver at Emily Carr University from 2014 to 2016, and has been an avid painter and photographer since.

With a unique eye for colour, Firouzabadi regularly creates works that are eclectic and upbeat, heavily inspired by rich and captivating colours, evident in her paintings. Her visual and conceptual vocabulary emerges though her focus on the points of interaction between cultural memories, expression of nature, peace and tradition—all within the contemporary form. In describing her approach to her work, she believes trees symbolize purity and sacredness in many cultures, and her personal and contemporary form is a reflection of this idea. “have always gazed at the trees, and they bring me to life for their pure signs.

of energy, fertility and sacredness…they have an unlimited capability of nurturing sanctity. For a tree is a passage between the sky and the earth.” For Firouzabadi, the conceptual within our contemporary society is what drives her being as an artist forward. Studying a new language in Germany, it soon became clear to her that much like language is a connection to herself and her community, so is art. Due to her exposure to so many cultures, Firouzabadi has learned to use that exposure to help develop her art in different ways. In art.

Firouzabadi’s works can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections, both in Iran and abroad. Her works have been seen in numerous exhibitions, art fairs and auctions worldwide in Iran, Germany, UAE, China, France, Italy, the USA, and Canada.